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Creating a transparent and better job market for young people

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An international movement to build the largest open database of rated employers for young people & boost equal opportunities. Contribute, rate and get the software on your website!


1st Job Ratings Collected


Companies getting transparent


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Adecco group
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Building together the 1st Open Database of Rated Employers for Youth

Publication in key media of the 1st International Ranking of Best Employers for Youth

Within 6 months the database will be public and each young person will be able to look for the ratings by companies, sectors, geography, and quality criteria. Making it easy to find the best employers with great learning experience, remuneration, work culture, management, career development prospects and contract.

9th of Nov, 2018

Companies Becoming Transparent

These are the first companies being rated


Civilna in družbena organizacija



Nadzor in menedžment

Ponudba in pogodba

Work Environment & culture

Learning Content

Career Development


Državni odnosi



Nadzor in menedžment

Ponudba in pogodba

Work Environment & culture

Learning Content

Career Development


Prevoz / prevozništvo / železnica



Nadzor in menedžment

Ponudba in pogodba

Work Environment & culture

Learning Content

Career Development


Pravne storitve



Nadzor in menedžment

Ponudba in pogodba

Work Environment & culture

Learning Content

Career Development

එක්සත් රාජධානිය

Hrana in pijača



Nadzor in menedžment

Ponudba in pogodba

Work Environment & culture

Learning Content

Career Development


Državna uprava



Nadzor in menedžment

Ponudba in pogodba

Work Environment & culture

Learning Content

Career Development

Why we need Transparency at Work

For an entire generation, the first professional experiences are too often a source of hardship.

Boost Equal opportunities

Guarantee Skills learning

Improve living & working conditions

For millions of young people studies alone are not enough to find a job; employers asking them for professional skills and experience they have not yet acquired. Internships, apprenticeships and other first professional experiences, are now compulsory to access employment. Unfortunately, most of them are poorly designed, precarious and sometimes abusive. Without transparency, practices do not improve and youth face a problem of equal opportunities. We need a guarantee of quality & trusted information on employers.

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Our impact objective

by Nov. 2020


1st job ratings database


companies transparent at work

1 million

young people empowered

Our purpose is to ensure equal opportunities for young people and a better transition from education to work. By 2020, we aim to help 1 million young people to access better employment, internships and apprenticeships, internationally and across all industries.

Open technology & Data

Decentralized data generation & distribution

Transparency at Work is a technology that allows young people to review their work experience and search peer ratings from any partnersʼ website. The API builds a strong network effect: Each partner increases the value of the common database for each other and the data collected is open to any partners installing the software.

Laptop database 1 Universities
Laptop database 2 Job Boards
Laptop database 3 Employers
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Become a Trusted Employer

By becoming a Transparent employer, you showcase how great you are. This is the best way to attract and retain young talents Develop a trusted employer brand and quality HR processes by learning from your young employees.

Trusted Standard: 6 criteria, 23 key performance Indicators

The rating criteria and quality indicators were co-created with more than 25 youth-led organisations and 300 young people in 6 countries. They are derived from the European Label for Best Internships and the European Charter for Quality Internships & Apprenticeships, developed respectively by InternsGoPro & the European Youth Forum. They represent a unique reference endorsed by the European institutions and considered a reference for all industries

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News & Events

InternsDay - Brussels


Launch event on the 9th evening. Event at the European Commission on the 10th.

InternsDay - Paris


Et si on vous disait que vous pouvez aider 1 million de jeunes à accéder à de meilleurs emplois, stages, et apprentissages d’ici 2020 en créant un marché de l’emploi transparent pour eux?

InternsDay - Quebec


La Coalition montréalaise pour la rémunération des stages a adopté le 1er octobre dernier la tenue d'une journée d'actions et la publication d'une déclaration nord américaine pour la reconnaissance du travail des stagiaires, écrite et signée conjointement par différents groupes et associations des différentes régions et pays.

InternsDay - Madrid


Paris, Brussels, Geneva and ... Madrid. Several cities working simultaneously towards a common goal. Welcome to the Interns' Day!!

InternsDay - Belgrad


Kako bismo skrenuli pažnju na probleme sa kojima se suočavaju mladi tokom prakse organizovaćemo događaj 10. novembra 2017. godine u Beogradu na Platou kod Filozofskog fakulteta, od 12 do 14 časova. Mladi će slučajnim prolaznicima deliti burek. #NeBurekPraksa.

InternsDay - North America

North america

All information on the mobilization for International Interns' Day will be available here. #globalinternsday

InternsDay - Geneva


With opening remarks by ILO Director-General, Mr Guy Ryder, the event will provide the opportunity to explore the main trends and most recent data on international internships, followed by a presentation of paid internship programmes by HR representatives from UN organizations and NGOs based in Geneva.

InternsDay - Ljubliana


Tokrat kriterije postavljamo mladi.Povej nam, kdo so dobri delodajalci in kakšne kriterije morajo za to izpolnjevati. Si opravljala_a pripravništvo? Imaš kakšno podobno delovno izkušnjo? Si ob začetku opravljanja pripravništva ali zaposlitve imel_a mentorja, bil_a deležn_a uvajanja v delo in dobil_a dostojno plačilo?

InternsDay - Budapest


Helyszín: Anker't Időpont: 2017.11.10. Péntek | 18:00 - 20:00 Regisztráció:

InternsDay - Cyprus


Cyprus Youth Council celebrates #InternsDay by opening their office for all the current and former interns, professionals, trainees and apprentices.

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Adecco group

The Adecco Group

"The Adecco Group is very happy to become an official sponsor and partner of Transparency at Work"


Oxford University

Internship Office

"The Internship Office at the University of Oxford supports Transparency At Work, an initiative to promote work transparency for those undertaking internships"

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