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What Is Transparency At Work?

An international campaign to create transparent and better labour market for young people by collectively rating the quality of employer's internships, apprenticeships and entry-level jobs. Transparency at Work developed an open source software to equip any stakeholders’ website with a common rating tool, enabling every young person to rate his working conditions & check peers reviews from any partner site. The campaign was launched in 2017 with the support of the European Youth Forum.



Help employers to improve their practices, universities to better orientate their students, young people to make better career decisions



Create a transparent job market that ensures equal opportunities for young people and a better transition from education to work.



Gather 100,000 ratings on 10,000 companies and help 1 million young people

The disruptive model of Transparency at Work

Our theory of change is to create a systemic impact by creating trust. We found a formula to generate Transparency and thus reliable inoformation to improve the job search and recruitment process.

Transparency = (Trusted standard + Peer-to-Peer Ratings) x Systemic stakeholder engagement.

Trusted Standard

Peer-to-peer ratings

Trusted center logo

Decentralized open-source tech

Empowerment & Viral Engagement


NGOs, student organisations, Universities and companies are getting together to share responsibilities and co-pioneer Transparency at Work. We invite you to join us.

Internsgopro logo InternsGoPro

Initiator & International Co-pilot

InternsGoPro is a social enterprise whose mission is to ensure equal opportunities for young people and a better transition from education to work. We initiated Transparency at Work to create a transparent and better labour market for young people.

Brusselsinternsngologo Bingo

Belgian Co-pilot

The Brussels Interns NGO (Bingo) fights for fair access to paid, quality internships in Brussels, Belgium and Europe. As core member of the Global Intern Coalition, Bingo has a dual focus on the EU Institutions and the Belgian labour market.


French Co-pilot

The Federation of Students’ General Associations – FAGE – is the first student organization in France. Founded in 1989, its functioning is based on participatory democracy and relies on a grouping of 2000 associations and unions – approximately 300 000 students.

Our Partners

Quality indicators


The remuneration criterion sets the minimum levels of financial compensation (money & benefits in kind) necessary to cover the basic costs of living. These costs are accommodation, food, transport and health insurance

Offer & contract

This criterion assesses the clarity of what is stated in the offer and contract and its conformity with what the young person will actually do.

Supervision & Management

The criterion assesses the quality and availability of the supervision received by the young person

Work environement & Culture

This criterion assesses all elements contributing to good working conditions: e.g. welcoming culture, recognition of achievements, relationship with colleagues and equipment

Learning content

This criterion assesses the employer’s efforts to provide the best possible learning experience for the intern. This enables young people to acquire hands-on experience and add practical skills to prior knowledge or qualifcations.

Career Development

It is defined as the actions taken and the opportunities offered by the employer to facilitate the young person’s transition to full-time employment within or outside the employer’s organisation.

Label champion

Become a Gamechanger

Transparency at Work is a technology that allows young people to review their work experience and search peer ratings from any partnersʼ website. The API builds a strong network effect: Each partner increases the value of the common database for each other and the data collected is open to any partners installing the software.

Get the T@W Technology

Become a Trusted Employer

By becoming a Transparent employer, you showcase how great you are. This is the best way to attract and retain young talents Develop a trusted employer brand and quality HR processes by learning from your young employees.

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